Barrend Asset Management Art Club

Shchukin, Morozov and Gulbenkianwere businessmen. However, they were also those who gave the world great collections of artworks that were selected with love, exquisite taste and a keen eye…

When creating a collection of its own, Barrend Asset Management acquired some special and new experience, information and opportunities that we are ready to share with our clients.

Here, we regularly post news, background information and other resources that will be helpful for collectors, especially for those just starting out. For newer art collectors, they may be trying their strength in the field of art banking and are willing to buy art for investment purposes.


The artworks are located in the company’s premises decorating them and forming a special creative atmosphere that can be inspiring for intellectual work. This is how Barrend Asset Management implements the concept of “art working with us”.

Barrend Asset Management’s collection has been created for many years in cooperation with leading art galleries, auction houses and individual collectors.

Barrend Asset Management purchases artworks from individuals, artists, collectors and galleries, then exhibits them both in the company’s premises and other venues including the Internet.


  • Selection and purchasing of artwork by particular artists, of certain subjects, and related services
  • Preparing documents for taking artifacts abroad (from Germany and EU)
  • Assistance in obtaining written opinions


The collection was started in the late 1990s when the company began purchasing pieces of art such as paintings, graphic artworks and decorative porcelain. Today, the bank’s corporate collection is one of the largest in Germany.

Our collection can be provisionally divided into three main parts:

  • European art of the 19-20thcenturies;
  • Art of Germany of the 20thcentury;
  • Other Germanart

Christies & Barrend

While forming its own collection, Barrend Asset Management established close contacts with a number of galleries, auction houses, museums and art experts.

We have an agreement with Christies Auction House to provide support for Barrend Asset Management’s clients.

Barrend Asset Management’s clients who are Art Club members can receive timely information about Christies’ sales as well as some additional data about particular art lots.

Selling Assistance

Barrend Asset Management can act as an intermediary participating in selling on behalf of its clients and buying particular art lots.

We expect cooperation with clients in Barrend Asset Management Art Club to take place on an individual basis depending on your interests, tastes, plans and strategies.

We wish you pleasant impressions and impressive results in the art field!