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While the banking business has been around for centuries, recent developments have made significant changes to this well-established business. Bankers have realized that they have large volumes of data.

Government and governmental regulations touch nearly every facet and area of life. While many insist that governments should be smaller, over time governments have typically increased in size and scope.

The medical field is one area that has had to transform itself rather rapidly. In part, this transformation is overdue as the healthcare field is one that has been much too slow in adopting digital transformation.

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Computer power has steadily increased over the years. The increase was noted as significant and it even gave rise to what has come to be known as “Moore’s Law”. That “law” postulates that computer power would double every eighteen months or so. Over time this has been proven to be good guide on how much additional computer processing power can be expected.

Within the vast aerospace industry, a real transformation is taking place. Whether in the commercial, civil, governmental, defense or military, every segment of the aerospace industry is experiencing a notable change. By working in conjunction with Barrend Asset Management, partners may benefit from the perspective that we have on the digital world.