Medical Advances and Digital Care

Profound changes continue to take place within the healthcare field. The medical field is one area that has had to transform itself rather rapidly. In part, this transformation is overdue as the healthcare field is one that has been much too slow in adopting digital transformation.

Vast amounts of client data are collected at various healthcare points. However, for the most part, that data was not accessible to other healthcare providers. A patient who has had various medical tests performed might not be able to access their own medical results. Similarly, if that same patient were to visit another hospital, the doctors at that hospital might not be given access to the patients test results. The healthcare field is seriously behind when it comes to digital records, online access and data sharing across various care providers.

Within the healthcare field the aim has been to copy, to some extent, the banking model. It is reasoned that you can easily check your bank balance from almost any place on the plant. Yet, it is often very difficult for a patient to get their medial history from one hospital to the other, even in the same city!

For many parts of the world a fully integrated and secure healthcare system is yet to be implemented. Therefore, this area is desperately in need of a transformation.

At Barrend Asset Management, we have taken a keen interest in how technology can have a positive effect on the healthcare field and on patient outcomes. Any system will need to be carefully thought out, properly designed, implemented and thoroughly tested. The aim would be for a system that serves both he healthcare providers and the patients in a very efficient, secure, functional and cost-effective way. It will also need to be affordable and able to be launched in a reasonable time scale.

In designing and implementing healthcare systems there are key points that ought to be considered. Those aspects will be briefly covered in the section below.

Patient Responsive

Any system must be patient friendly. Today’s patients need to be able to manage most of their own requirements and set their own priorities. Patients need to have access to their own healthcare records and need to be able to share those records with their care providers.


Healthcare Friendly

The system has to be healthcare friendly. It should be designed to fit the healthcare needs and unique challenges. It needs to be suitable to the parameters of what the health field can reasonably implement. The scope, the roll-out and the pricing all must fit into the abilities of the healthcare facility, its staff and its limitations. It will have to allow for additional components to be added at a later stage. It should also be adaptable for future changes such as the Internet of Things.


Strength in Numbers

Since the healthcare field is so interconnected, it would be reasonable to combine resources. Rather than expect one small hospital to try to set up its own systems, might it not be more appropriate for a group of hospital to jointly cooperate? Hospital in one city or even in one county might find it far better to combine their resources and create systems that can be used by all of them. The data sharing would be far more efficient and be easier to access and use. There would also be huge costs savings especially if systems are being purchased by large groups of healthcare providers.


Privacy Issues

The need for patient privacy and patient rights is becoming more and more apparent. Governments have set standards for patient privacy and those standards have to be met. Managing privacy, keep confidential information and storing vast amounts of sensitive data has many challenges. Proven methods and systems are available.


Areas of Specialization and Services Offered

For clients that are in the healthcare field or operate within the healthcare segments we have several services that may be of interest. These include the following:

  • Digital healthcare systems that are adaptable and functional
  • Patient portals and patient records access management.
  • Data connectivity, collection, storage and data analysis
  • Fact-based and evidence-based healthcare solutions
  • Security data protection onsite and in the cloud
  • Remote health services


What the future hold for the healthcare field

While it is hard to predict exactly what will happen in the healthcare field, there are certain aspects that are more likely to take place. At Barrend Asset Management these areas are of interest. For example, the need for patients to access their healthcare records is already a priority. We expect to see much more activity on that front as more healthcare institutions implement such systems. Patients taking more control over their own health records and determining their own levels of privacy. Cloud computing and the ability to process far more data is already happening and this is likely to increase in the coming years. Focusing more on patient needs will likely continue to dominate. Improving clinical and patient outcomes will also be an ongoing priority.


Supercomputers and Artificial Intelligence

Supercomputers and their ability to process vast amounts of data are likely to have a significant impact within the healthcare field. The Barrend team is keenly interested in how supercomputers will affect healthcare. Artificial intelligence is another area that can profoundly improve healthcare, patient care, diagnosis, new medicines and much more. Effectively, supercomputers and better computing power are likely to widen out understanding of DNA, of medicines, of health practices and healthcare solutions. Our ability to correct process vast amounts of accurate data could positively improve our understanding of complex health-related issues.



Медицинские услуги в режиме реального времени

Комплексные медицинские решения для преобразования клинического обслуживания, реализации технологии «цифровой больницы» и здравоохранения на рабочем месте.

Коллективное здравоохранение

Пожизненное обслуживание пациентов с помощью HealthcareConnectи системы управления здоровьем населения.

Прецизионная медицина

Комплексное решение сбора и анализа данных для внедрения персонализированных процедур и революционных технологий GenomicsHealth.

Облачные вычисления в здравоохранении

Предоставление медицинским учреждениям возможности ограничивать расходы и в то же время повышать качество обслуживания и уровень комфорта пациентов.

Кибербезопасность в здравоохранении

Защита жизненно важных услуг и конфиденциальной информации от незаконных атак.

Какие инновации ждут больницы в 2025 году?

Достижения технического прогресса обретают все большую популярность в мире здравоохранения. Сетевые устройства, роботы следующего поколения, искусственный интеллект – все это станет реальностью цифровой больницы будущего. BarrendAssetManagementпредлагает облачные решения, кибербезопасность, решения для обработки больших данных для медицинских учреждений, всегда при разработке цифровых инструментов придерживаясь убеждения, что человек превыше всего.

Разгадка тайн ДНК

Компания обеспечивает поддержку Национального центра геномного анализа, используя наши высокопроизводительные вычислительные и аналитические платформы. Устраняя проблемы, которые часто возникают при анализе данных, наша высокопроизводительная вычислительная технология позволяет постоянно расширять возможности для более точного анализа состояния здоровья, превращая большие данные в реальные результаты


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