Computer Power and Exponential Growth

Computer power has steadily increased over the years. The increase was noted as significant and it even gave rise to what has come to be known as “Moore’s Law”. That “law” postulates that computer power would double every eighteen months or so. Over time this has been proven to be good guide on how much additional computer processing power can be expected.

However, traditional computer manufacturing processes are nearing their limits. After all, there is only so much miniaturization that can be done before the scale becomes hopelessly tiny. Materials that are used in the making of micro chips have limits to how small they can be made. Additionally, some problems require far more computing power than we currently have. Large scale modelling programs require vast amounts of computer power and traditional computers are simply not able to handle that kind of complexity. Therefore, there is need to additional computing power.

More recently, the focus has shifted to a far more promising innovation that is based on quantum computers. This advent is so significant that it is set to completely revolutionize the computing industry.  Whereas the current computing power has boundaries and limits, quantum computing appears to be unlimited in its potential.


Enter Quantum Computers

As quantum computers enter the various aspects of business, they are likely to invade almost all aspect of life. The ability to process vastly greater computations can radically alter how we do things. There are truly so many areas that quantum computing will influence that it is hard to grasp how huge a shift their introduction will produce. Nearly every aspect of human endeavor is likely to be seriously impacted by the arrival of quantum computers.

Consider how data management will be better accomplished with this vastly increased computing power. How much more data mining and evidence-based solutions can be arrived at with these astonishing new capabilities? From planning, to building, to manufacturing, to testing all will be impacted. Every business field and every aspect of commerce including financing, banking, insurance, trading and much more will likely see profound changes.

Some consider these changes to be so significant that they are like the difference between using a bicycle to suddenly be able to use an Airplane. You can far more quickly cover large distances in a fast airplane than with a bicycle. Similarly, quantum computing can bring about an exponential difference in computer calculations and computer power.

Still, it should be noted that our current understanding of quantum computers would indicate that quantum computers will have to be adjusted for specific tasks. In other words, it is likely that quantum computers may have to be custom-built for specific operations for them to be able to reach their stated objectives.


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