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 Barrend Asset Management established a financial markets division back in 2007. As can be expected, the service offerings provide a long list of services and service offerings within the financial markets.

Barrend Asset Management has created, improved and refined our own web trading platform. The Barrend Trader is an advanced, feature-rich trading platform that has set new standards.

The Barrend Basic trading account is a combination of innovative speculative tools and advanced services that are indispensable for achieving meaningful investment goals.

Other Services


Taking a company public requires what is known as an initial public offering. This term is usually simply abbreviated to IPO. The process of taking a private company public is an exceptionally complex, time-intensive and lengthy process.


In the business world, when a private company wishes to sell it shares it can choose to go public; making its shares available for trading by the public. Similarly, there is a system in place for making digital coins available for trading.


Trading in digital coins and cryptocurrencies have become pervasive. Awareness of the potential for crypto currencies has gained exponentially over the last few years. Huge financial gains were being reported, by the media, from around the world.


 At Barrend Asset Management, we have a wide range of financial, investment and fiscal knowledge and experience. We are keenly familiar with the many aspects of the financial world including those that are focused on digital currencies