Financial Markets

 Barrend Asset Management established a financial markets division back in 2007. As can be expected, the service offerings provide a long list of services and service offerings within the financial markets. Trading options within the financial markets are extremely numerous and trading opportunities abound. The Barrend Asset Management team has gone to great lengths to make sure that our services are simple to understand and easy to use.

Our aim was, and continues to be, to offer traders superior services that functionally and effectively superior. From start to finish our offerings have been carefully mapped out.

Investors that we attract include private investors, fund managers as well as corporate customers. Continuous upgrades and improvements continue to be a key part of who we are and what we do. Access to the financial markets is made more available and our services include highly advanced technological advances.

At Barrend Asset Management we work on improving our services and our many financial and market offerings. When there are challenges, we overcome them; when there are difficulties, we work around them; when there are obstacles, we jump over them.

We remain committed to providing our customers and trading partners with the best options for accessing the international financial markets. By incorporating highly advanced technologies and systems, we can offer better services that are quicker, more efficient and more workable. Our team has knowledge and skills. Our team is driven to succeed. To accomplish our mission, we provide innovative techniques and use advanced financial market systems.

It is notable that Barrend Asset Management has contributed to the growth, the development and improvements of services within the financial sector. Our advanced use of more robust and enhanced technologies gives us an appreciable advantage in this specialized financial trading field.

At Barrend, we have a long list of services, financial options, market access, trading platforms and much more. Included in our vast array of services are the following:

  • Market access
  • Trading desks
  • Stocks, shares and options
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
  • Bonds trading
  • Trading in precious metals
  • Currency trading
  • Risk mitigation and risk hedging solutions
  • Futures options and futures contracts
  • Plus, so much more

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Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

There is huge potential in trading Exchange Traded Funds. These funds are usually abbreviated to ETF for short. These investment vehicles offer huge financial options and provide an unlimited access to investments and investing opportunities.

Notably, ETFs first started in the 1980’s and they were initially started in the USA. Since they have been around for a relatively long time, they are viewed as a more established investment option. Over the years, ETFs have been quite profitable and that has added to their appeal. Typically, an ETF is a fund that is available to investors so that they use it as a means to accomplish their financial objectives. For those that are not very familiar with ETFs it may be helpful to think of them as resembling mutual funds but with notable differences. An ETF, unlike most mutual funds can be traded in the financial markets. As such, an ETF can see significant trading transactions. The added transactions bring improved liquidity to an ETF while at the same time bringing fluctuations in its price.

For investors that are interested in trading ETFs they may wish to note that these investments can be highly profitable. Why is that? When trading a particular stock, an investor is accessing just one stock and is doing so one at a time. This is a time-consuming exercise for an investor and the more stocks that an investor wishes to trade the more time they would have to spend.

Additionally, when trading one particular stock the price may increase or it may decrease. Each stock traded would have to be monitored and this too is very time consuming. Furthermore, when trading one stock at a time there are fees for each and every transaction. Those fees can add up and can eat away at an investor’s profits.

In an ETF, an investor is trading many stocks and other financial assets at the same time. In addition, ETFs are considered to be a very simple, straightforward method of purchasing and selling a variety of financial assets. 

In summary, here are some of the more salient advantages to ETF trading:

  • Many options to choose from
  • Vast choice of financial assets, stocks and shares available
  • Easy to use and easy to monitor
  • There are large numbers of transactions
  • Higher level of liquidity for ETFs
  • For futures trading there are no collaterals involved

When trading via Barrend Asset Management, traders have a vast selection of financial markets to trade through. It is notable that customers of Barrend may trade on any US based trading exchanges and trading sites. Customers also have access to our professionals, to our analysts and to our market research. We work to provide our customers with a more detailed look at the markets and to our perspective on the markets and where they are headed. As is often the case, when more details are examined the risks for investors could be lowered.

Futures and Options Trading

Here is a fine opportunity to trade in a safe manner while generating higher profits. However, first let us share some information about Futures Trading. A futures contract, like the name implies, is a contract for purchasing certain financial assets in the future. Typically, the date is agreed upon in the futures contract and so is the price. Furthermore, the many details of the deal are also clearly identified and agreed upon.

At maturity, the futures contracts may be transacted automatically. This may include the carrying out of a trading transaction, or it may mean that certain goods or assets need to be delivered.

Futures are favored by investors that wish to minimize their risks while having the opportunity to increase their rewards. At Barrend Asset Management we provide trading options that include futures trading. Futures contracts could be for a wide variety of market sectors. Those include sectors as diverse as raw materials, energy, oil and gas, food products, agricultural products, currencies, precious metals and so much more.

As regards Options trading this needs some clarification. Options are a subset of financial instruments that are available. An option may be sold by a seller and bought by a purchaser. The exact terms of an option agreement are usually clearly identified and agreed to by the parties. Essentially, one party is securing the right to acquire certain goods, assets or other valuables at a future date. The other party is agreeing to sell said items for an agreed upon price at the set future date. When the date comes due, the purchaser is essentially paying the seller a portion of the total by way of compensation.


By using options, traders can leverage much larger sales with less funds. Essentially, profits can be gained on the full amount of the purchase but only a small amount needs actually be paid. Small market movements could translate into huge profits for traders utilizing options. Examples of options trading include:


  • Oil, gas, coal and other energy products
  • Stocks and stock indices that include NASDAQ, S&P, DAX and many others
  • Various precious metals available on the markets including gold, silver, platinum and so on
  • Wheat, barley and various other agricultural produce that is traded around the world


Trading through Barrend Asset Management has many rewards. When it comes to futures trading and options trading there are many benefits and advantages that we have to offer. While a complete list is quite lengthy, we have some examples set out below:

  • Trading options that are very varied
  • Vast selection available to investors from one provider
  • In excess of 200 plus futures contracts and options to choose from
  • Extensive list of assets to trade
  • Detailed market data and news
  • Analysis of the market and of the trends
  • Forecast of where the market is heading
  • Access provided to numerous exchanges include the EUREX, NYMEX, CBOT and many others
  • Use of the highly advanced trading platform from Barrend
  • Commission structure that is very modest and reasonable


It should be noted that to trade using futures and options the minimum investment requirement is set at 100,000 US dollars. 

Bonds Trading


Bonds are seen as offering better returns than simply depositing funds with a bank.


First, a brief explanation about bonds. Simply put a bond is a type of security that sets out terms and conditions between two parties. A bond will typically require that an agreed upon interest rate be paid by one party to the other, at an agreed upon time. Understandably, the bond markets do not offer exorbitant interest rates. Rather the returns on investment are somewhat more modest but usually still far better than what banks would offer.


Trading bonds with Barrend Asset Management could be quite rewarding. We provide our clients with access to the international bond markets. Trading bonds is fairly straightforward. There is ample liquidity in the bond markets and therefore multiple opportunities to transact.


The trading of bonds has a number of positive advantages and those are comprised of the following:


  • Advantageous interest rates
  • Better returns than depositing funds at the bank
  • The value of the bonds is usually quite stable
  • Bonds pay out regular payments to their bondholders
  • The markets have significant liquidity when it comes to bonds
  • Fairly low risk factors since the terms are agreed upon by the parties
  • Bonds are known to retain their values of extended periods of time


Barrend Asset Management has much to offer. To clarify the advantages and benefits of using Barrend Asset Management we have the following highlights to share.


First, we provide access to a long and varied list of bonds

Second, the bonds are made available in a number of international currencies

Third, access to the coveted debt markets

Fourth, we provide excellent customer support

Fifth, our consultants are there to provide guidance on the bond markets

Sixth, in-depth analysis of the bond markets

Seventh, news and events monitoring to identify influential factors

Eighth, clear and transparent pricing system

Ninth, commissions that are very reasonable and clearly identified

Tenth, credit facilities that can be made available against secured or agreed upon collateral


It should be noted that in order to access the bond markets via Barrend Asset Management, the minimum investment is set at 1,000,000 US dollars.

Trading Shares and Stocks

For most people, when they think of trading, they may think of trading in shares and of stocks. This is natural since the trading in company shares and in company stocks has been around for a long time. At Barrend Asset Management we have a long and varied list of services that are especially convenient for those that wish to trade in stocks and shares. We have an outstanding trading platform and we provide our customers with access to a wide selection of the global trading markets.

Barrend Asset Management has various financial services, financing options, financial tools and other related products. Amongst the offerings we provide services that are aimed at trading shares and stocks. Some of the more salient services include the following:


  • Access to literally thousands of companies and to their stocks and shares.
  • Global reach in that we provide access to companies that may be located at the other end of the planet.
  • Vast choice of stock exchanges to choose from
  • Advanced trading platform using the Barrend Trader
  • Superior company information and market analytics
  • Access to over twenty of the largest exchanges in the world
  • Trade on the most recognizable exchanged including the NYSE, NASDAQ, EURONEXT, MICEX and even Hong Kong
  • Access to the equity markets in the USA, Asia and in Europe

It should be noted that some shares are traded on more than one exchange. We note those and we can offer guidance on which exchanges may better suit your trading options and preferences.

Included in our service offerings we provide access to detailed analytical analysis. We also supply our customers with professional, market research and market trends. Our aim is to inform our clients and to try and minimize their investment risks.


Minimum investment level for such accounts is 100,000 US dollars.

Precious Metals and Precious Metals Trading

Precious metals are a part of the world around us and have been around for thousands of years. They have been around due to the fact that they are known to hold their value. In fact, typically precious metals have been known to increase in value over time. In the past century exchanging precious metals has at times returned huge profits. Therefore, the desire to exchange and trade in precious metals is understandable.

A key advantage to precious metals is their reputation for holding their value even in financially difficult circumstances. Over the years, investors have turned to precious metals as a way to retain their wealth when other assets may be losing their value. As such, precious metals are considered a safer investment and one that usually turns a profit over time. They are also regarded as a more secure way to combat rampant inflation.

Precious metals trading may be just the avenue for you to increase your capital and add to your wealth. Since precious metals are, by definition, rather rare, demand for them usually increases while supply typically cannot keep up.

Precious Metals Trading with Barrend Asset Management

  • Trading of various precious metals including gold and platinum
  • Availability of acquiring and trading in coins, pieces and ingots
  • High level of confidentiality and account security
  • Anonymity for the owner of the precious metals account
  • Trading can be accomplished for the present or for futures trading
  • Option of joining one or more of our precious metal’s funds


Historically, gold and platinum have seen significant gains in their valuation and have, as a result, brought huge financial profits. While, precious metals prices have fluctuated in the past, when considered over a longer time period, they typically still perform better than the average.