Initial Coin Offering or Placement

In the business world, when a private company wishes to sell it shares it can choose to go public; making its shares available for trading by the public. Similarly, there is a system in place for making digital coins available for trading. That system is called an Initial Coin Placement or Offering. This is usually abbreviated to ICO for easier linguistic use.

In a system that is reminiscent of traditional shares, the ICO also involves a process of selling to select investors prior to going public. This stage allows investors to purchase digital coins at a discounted price than they will be initially offered for. This process takes place a little prior to the coins being made available on the market.

Once a digital currency begins trading openly, the digital currency can be used as a payment system. The coins could be bought, sold and otherwise exchanged with other assets or currencies. And just like shares are used by publicly traded companies to reward their employees, digital currency can also be used as an internal reward system.

With our knowledge and contacts, we at Barrend Asset Management, have helped to expand the interest in digital currencies and in cryptocurrency trading. Over the years, we have been involved in numerous projects of varying sizes and scope. Over the years we have been a part of projects that have involved close to 350 billion dollars in the digital currency market.

As there are many on-going cryptocurrencies being worked on and many more being created, we need to be selective about the projects that we wish to join. We have established a list of what we find interest and desirable in a project and what we typically prefer to stay away from.

At Barrend Asset Management, we provide investors with a plethora of digital currency trading options. The services include ICO offerings, which are highly sought after. Due to our position in this market, we are, at times, offered more advantages prices and options. By way of an example, when we are involved in an ICO, we commit to purchasing a specified number of digital coins. This matter is usually negotiated as part of a contract for our services. By so doing, we provide added liquidity to an ICO and our purchase translates into additional funds for the ICO company. Typically, when we hand an ICO, we may take up a position of some 20% while the 80% goes to the ICO founders. By taking a junior position, Barrend Asset Management becomes deeply involved in the ICO project and its success. After all, Barrend would have a direct stake in the outcome of the project thus motivating our team to work harder.

For the company issuing the digital coins, there are a number of ways to profit from this activity. One way is to sell the newly created digital coins via various trading partners and platforms. Barrend Asset Management is an important partner in these platforms. Barrend Asset Management offers both the brokerage services of a trading partner as well as superior trading platforms. This puts us in an enviable position when it comes to ICO and selling of digital currency. The sale of the coins can be done at market prices. Traditionally, digital coins have seen large increases in their valuations and therefore prices. Included in our offerings are various exit options for initial investors and digital coin creators.

Since digital currencies typically have appreciable liquidity, there are advantages to the investment options and trading models. Investors who are interested in operating in this field may wish to turn to Barrend Asset Management to help with their projects.

It should be noted that we have various types of investors that range from the typically investors, to those that focus on crypto currencies to the more unusual investors. Our investors are seeking ways to diversify their holdings, their portfolios and their investment opportunities. Barrend Asset Management provides the them with a known partner.


Barrend Asset Management Foundation

The aims and goals of the Barrend Asset Management Foundation is to increase trading options for our investors and to assist them to increase their respective profitability. Included as part of our many service offerings is helping newer companies to create, develop and sell digital currencies. The services maximize the use of blockchain technologies.


The ICO and ICO Investment Options


The experienced Barrend Asset Management team carefully considers which projects to study and which projects to support. The team members will usually expend considerable time and effort to check out the various projects and their respective potential. Typically, we do not assist companies that are not well-structured or that have lower than acceptable business standards. Clearly, we would not choose to cooperate with companies that are not financially sound or ones that are headed towards bankruptcy.

For businesspeople and companies that approach us we usually have a list of reasonable expectations and a certain business standard. Typically, we are looking for projects that would be highly successfully and significantly profitable. At the same time, our search is for projects that would expose us and our investors to minimum amounts of risk.

At Barrend Asset Management we have a real interest and an appetite for companies that are on the leading edge of technology. This would obviously include companies that are merging or acquiring unique and advanced technological advancements.

While we have several services and options to choose from, we have included a sampling of the types of services that we offer within the context of an ICO. The list includes, but is not limited to, the following:


  • Payment systems that involve or incorporate digital currencies
  • Electronic payment methods including cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Digital wallet software applications
  • Payment solutions using contactless and touchless techniques
  • Advanced trading techniques using algorithms at their base
  • Newer trading platform solutions
  • Technological advances using blockchain at its core
  • Applications designed for use within the Internet of Things
  • Financial services solutions and financial management offerings
  • Applications and solutions aimed at the banking sector
  • Online and mobile banking systems, software, applications and solutions
  • Techniques and solutions for linking legacy technologies with newer ones
  • Technology surrounding smart contracts
  • Solutions incorporating robotics and robotic advisors
  • Crowdfunding systems and applications
  • Risk optimizations and risk management business offerings
  • Advanced transactional software and arrangements




Long-term cooperation

When it comes to our talented professionals and to our combined team of experts, we are both fortunate and proud.