Barrend Asset Management has created, improved and refined our own web trading platform. The Barrend Trader is an advanced, feature-rich trading platform that has set new standards.

We are often asked about the functionalities and capabilities of our trading platform. The Barrend Trader is an advanced trading tool that helps and enables traders to access information instantly. Trading can be conducted directly from the trading platform itself. Obviously, with the world being connected, it is no surprise that the Barrend Trader is web-based. Transactions, therefore, are carried out using the internet.

Using the Barrend platform, traders are given a direct window into the global financial markets. The platform makes it easy to carry out transactions from a multitude of financial markets and trading networks. As a tool, it is designed to be adapted to the needs and abilities of the investor that is using it. Traders can set their own preferences and may choose what information they wish to view and what data they wish to access. Additionally, how frequently market information is updated, can be set to the individual’s own preferences.

The platform provides a high level of sophistication while at the same time it is easy to navigate, and it is simple to use.

It may be helpful to set out some of the key attributes of the Barrend Trader and these include the following:

  • Conduct trading transactions
  • Set trading positions
  • See the full list of trading assets that a trader has
  • View market research
  • Access the information via several languages

Some of the key benefits to using the Barrend Trader include:

  • The platform was designed specifically for the financial markets
  • The platform gives traders access to a wide variety of markets
  • Traders can choose to trade in shares, stocks, currencies, precious metals, oil and gas and so much more
  • There are well over 250 market indicators on the platform
  • The platform provides the user with vital facts, charts and much more
  • Multi-lingual access to the platform
  • Orders can be carried out and trading parameters can be pre-set
  • Accounts can be segregated and can be viewed separately
  • The platform operates over the internet
  • Access is provided through several popular web browsers

The Barrend Trader can be accessed from mobile phones, mobile devices and connected tablets. The platform can operate with most of the internationally known device manufacturers. Trading can be carried out over the internet. This effectively means that traders may conduct their trading from virtually anywhere in the world that has a reliable internet connection.


Some key benefits that the Barrend platform has when using it via a mobile device include:

  • Ability to adapt the platform to the internet speed available
  • The system is designed to support wi-fi connectivity
  • Supports the use of Edge technology
  • It is flexible and can use 3G, 4G and would operate on a 5G network
  • Trading is carried out very promptly
  • Connectivity to the server is controlled and it is maintained
  • Provides access to trading data, trading options and reports
  • Trading is made available even from within the chart functions
  • The trading history is saved and is accessible

Simply put, Barrend has made trading via mobile devices easy to use, simple to understand, stable, reliable and convenient.

It should be noted, that Barrend has made sure to provide connectivity and operational capabilities using iOS. Therefore, the platform can be fully accessed via the use of Apple phones and Apple devices.

As stated earlier, an internet connection is obviously needed to access the mobile services.

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