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At Barrend Asset Management Private Equity, our team members have a history of helping to raise private equity and of investing it with companies that can be real winners.

The ownership of land and property may, at one time, have been reserved for the nobility or the very wealthy. While clearly that is not the case anymore, it is still interesting to note that real estate transactions

Barrend Asset ManagementCapital Markets provides many types of services and has much to offer. Our services are designed to meet the specific requirements of the companies that we are assisting.

Globally, infrastructure projects continue to grow in both numbers and complexities. Spending on infrastructure projects has been steadily expanding over the years. In nearly every corner of the planet

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At Barrend Asset Management, we have put in place an advanced growth strategy. It is called Barrend Asset Management Growth. It is directed at companies that wish to grow and are oriented at advancing.


It is well known that when it comes to business financing, it is a unique area of the business world. Business financing requires specialized knowledge, expertise, financial engineering, business connections and years of relevant experience.


In the field of energy markets, there is an on-going requirement for new business financing and for fresh injections of innovative financial capital. The team at Barrend Asset Management is keenly interested in the energy sector