Private Equity

When it comes to private equity, we have a successful track-record and continue to add to our success. At Barrend Asset Management Private Equity, our team members have a history of helping to raise private equity and of investing it with companies that can be real winners.

For those investors that are keen to invest in the private equity financial sector, we have an investment fund designed and aimed at the private equity market. These types of investments are usually designed to be longer term and can have very high returns.

We, at Barrend Asset Management Private Equity, carefully and selectively seek out target companies from around the world. The targeted companies could be in various fields and markets. However, all of these companies are capable of rapid growth, of exceptional business success and significant return on investment.

When Barrend Asset Management was started in 1997, we set specific financial goals and we knew that private equity will be part of our product offerings.

Target Companies

When it comes to private equity, the types of companies that we look for are ones that meet our qualification principles. Over time our team have set out a minimum set of standards that we expect companies to attain. Among these standards we expect that the company must be well-established, be successful and be financially viable. We also take a very keen interest in the management of the company and how well the company is being run. It is important to note that the management team must have the right foundation, one that can be built-upon and improved. The company should already have demonstrated a history of setting and meeting business objectives. Amongst other things the target company would have a clear path to success.

Our Aim

Securing private equity for companies is good but our aim goes beyond that. At Barrend Asset Management Private Equity, we want to help the companies that finance to improve their entire performance. We seek to help those companies to improve their strengths and minimize their risks. We want to assist those companies to plan more efficiently and carry out their plans proficiently. We work with those companies so that they can effectively execute their business plans. We aim to work closely and collaboratively with the companies that we are assisting. We want to assist companies to bring in the right talent and to fill out key positions with the right professionals. Our aim is to help, encourage, support, assist, improve and do whatever else is necessary to make those companies more successful and more profitable. Simply put, we want the private equity to be put to the best use, at the most suitable time and place. We want the private equity to bring rewards to the risk takers and appropriately help the target companies.

Key Differentiators
Investment partners can rightly ask us what our key differentiators are. In other words what makes Barrend Asset Management Private Equity special and why would investors choose to work through us? As a successful financial services company, and as a company with international reach, we truly have much to offer. Our knowledge and experience include knowing how to build added value and enhance a company’s standing and valuation. We have a track record in this area and continue to look for new ways and new companies to partner with.

Our creativity is also part of our key differentiators. How so? At Barrend Asset Management Private Equity, we actively look for ways to reach goals. We seek out solutions and creative ways to overcome obstacles and challenges. We carefully search for optimum paths to get the right results both correctly and promptly.

Our innovative approaches are another key factor for us and yield real advantages. Our methods, how we do business and how we work with the private equity market space set up apart.

Exceptional Team
As with other successful businesses, an absolutely fundamental component is the strength of the team. Our team, at Barrend Asset Management Private Equity, is educated, knowledgeable, experienced, skilled, talented and driven to succeed. While we have a solid track record, we continue to push ourselves, we continue to learn, we continue to improve, and we continue to adapt. Improving ourselves and improving our team is an on-going struggle and it does not stop. There is always room for improvement and ways for us to become even better.

At Barrend Asset Management Private Equity, our team is agile and creative. We can look ahead, foresee the challenges and plan accordingly. We work out, in advance, the ways and the means of how to circumvent problems and overcome the challenges.

By combining our resources and our efforts, we can work as one, united, team. We can leverage the abilities and the know-how of the entire company to help us achieve our goals.

Specialized Expertise and International Scope
At Barrend Asset Management, we are fortunate to have team members that have deep knowledge and specialized investment expertise. Barrend Asset Management has offices in 20 cities. We also have an extensive web of professionals that we collaborate with. Barrend is proud to work in 16 countries. With our connections, knowledge and contacts we have a firm foundation in the private equity markets. We also provide a multitude of private equity solutions.

We make it our business to get to know the target company and to do real research into their chosen market and their area of specialization. Our team members get to know the challenges, the opportunities and the potential of the specific markets.

The Barrend Asset Management Private Equity team has been involved with a number of projects, from around the world. With business dealings on 5 continents we have much to offer. Our team, our know-how, our experiences all come together to make us a solid partner for partner companies. Together we help set strong business foundations that assist companies to become better organizations and to achieve greater success.

Long-term cooperation

When it comes to our talented professionals and to our combined team of experts, we are both fortunate and proud.