In the field of energy markets, there is an on-going requirement for new business financing and for fresh injections of innovative financial capital. The team at Barrend Asset Management is keenly interested in the energy sector and in financing solutions for the energy markets. Our Energy Real Assets platform was custom designed with the energy markets in mind.

We would point out that the Barrend Asset Management Energy Real Assets platform is equally known as the Barrend Asset Management ERA.

As early as 2012 an energy fund was established. That fund is called the Barrend Asset Management Energy Income and Growth Fund. Over the years Barrend Asset Management has continued to be a leader when it comes to funding and investing in the energy markets. We continue to enhance our offerings in terms of financing, investing, lending and providing credit lines and credit facilities.

The Opportunities

It is well-known that the initial costs of investing within the energy markets are usually quite high. It is also an established fact that the oil and gas industry is one where investments and returns on investments are measured in several years. After all, it takes considerable time to go from planning to searching for oil and gas and then finally bring the products to market.

At Barrend Asset Management, we have a wealth and a depth of expertise and experience within the energy markets. Our many years of experience have provided us with a deeper understanding of the oil and gas sector and marketplaces. Simply put, our team of experts brings years of knowledge and experience to help guide our partners in this specialized and highly profitable field.

Supplementary Explanation and Data

Aware of the importance and the profitability of energy-based projects, we keep a sharp lookout for these. We actively seek and search for companies that operate within the energy field. Should you or your company operate within the energy markets, you may wish to consider working with Barrend Asset Management.

Our aim is to provide the correct and beneficial services to the right company.
Due to our experience in this sector, we can adjust our approach and customize our business offerings. We can be very creative in carving out unique business and financing solutions that can best meet the needs and the objectives of your company. Our flexible approach helps us to better succeed in this competitive but largely profitable business.

Successfully offering financial services, financing options, credit and other liquidity to the energy markets is quite gratifying and financially rewarding. Our services include raising capital, securing lines of credit, obtaining export financing and export insurance. Our services include capital financing, equipment purchasing, manufacturing upgrades, technology enhancements and much more. We also can assist companies to go public and this includes the Initial Public Offering route. We can be your partner in finding investors, securing additional rounds of funding, and locating additional monies for your company.

Additionally, we take pride in offering other business services within this niche market. By way of example, our services include assisting companies to optimize their operations, increase their revenues, add to their profitability and streamline their workflow. How much or how little we contribute is mutually determined and agreed upon between us and our clients.

It may be of interest to note that the Barrend Asset Management operates an Energy Real Assets operation. We have experts that are focused on the oil, gas, and electricity within the energy markets. Our team could assist you with such diverse matters as identifying a strategic partner, a choice supplier or even gaining an important client. When needed, we can call upon our international partners and associates for local, in-depth expertise and knowledge.

Unique Aspects of the Energy Markets

Most business sectors can claim that they are somewhat different and even unique from other industries. While that is usually true, it is even more acute when it comes to the energy markets. Here, the business foundations and operating philosophies are significant different. Business cycles can be long but investments and projects within the energy markets can and do take many years, even decades to come to fruition.

Aware of the opportunities, the obstacles, the timelines and the various challenges involved in this field, we had to innovate. That is why we have created a specialize trading platform that is designed with the energy sector in mind. The Barrend Asset Management Energy Real Assets platform brings a new level of sophistication. The name is sometimes abbreviated to Barrend ERA platform. Some have referred to this as a trading platform to rival other platforms.

At Barrend Asset Management we understand how interconnected the energy sector is. We have a keen understanding of the complexities of working within the energy markets. As such, how we handle each project must be tailor-made for the exact objectives of the project. By being focused on achieving the right outcomes from the very start of the project, we can focus on delivering outstanding results.

The team at Barrend Energy Real Assets is constantly searching for new projects within the energy markets. However, we are looking not at any project but rather at projects that are interesting and that show real promise. Ideally, we are keen to partner with projects that have huge potential and that can be beneficial and profitable. Of the many projects that we consider, we need to be selective and pick those projects that best fit our vision and our standards. Projects that have a lower level of risk while offering high rewards are of special interest to us, our clients and our investment partners.

Attention to and Emphasis on the Energy Markets

When considering the energy market and the energy sector we pay close attention on certain aspects and issues. We have a keen interest within this dynamic business sector. Special emphasis and effort are focused on making projects within the energy markets successful.

There are many facets that we pay attention to and focus more closely on. Those include, but are not limited to:

Searching for and locating projects that appear to fit our energy sector criteria. Once a project has been identified, we would then set about gather detailed information. We examine, we research, we ask probing questions. We assiduously scrutinize the details of the project. We will look at who is behind this project and at what stage is it at. We investigate the potential, we consider the risks, we weigh the possibilities and consider the issues. We do not lose sight of how important our clients and our investment partners are to us. We contemplate the many sides and we ponder about benefits to the various parties involved. All of the foregoing would be included in our deliberations.

When we have selected a project, we can then move forward and commence the next steps. Now, the more serious and more time-consuming work begins. A very detailed examination is made of the financials of the companies involved and the project itself.

At times, there is a need for interim financing options to keep a project going or to support a company during a difficult stage of the business venture. There may be loan agreements, private investments, lines of credit, financing options that can be offered or obtained. There may be research grants, tax credits, governmental incentives and other financial benefits to take advantage of.

In some instances, Barrend Asset Management may decide to invest directly into an energy project or a company that is operates in the energy field. We may introduce additional investors and investment partners to a project, especially if the financial requirements are exceptionally large. We remain flexible and continue to seek to invest in projects that fit our vision and our financial goals. The approach at the Barrend Energy Real Assets is to identify and collaborate on energy projects that make good business, financial and economic sense. At the same time, we aim to cooperate with companies that have a keen desire to innovate and succeed in the energy sector.

For your next energy sector project or for financing and partnering options within the energy markets you can turn to the team at Barrend Asset Management.

Long-term cooperation

When it comes to our talented professionals and to our combined team of experts, we are both fortunate and proud.