Company Growth and Growth Strategy

At Barrend Asset Management, we have put in place an advanced growth strategy. It is called Barrend Asset Management Growth. It is directed at companies that wish to grow and are oriented at advancing.

A priority for Barrend Asset Management Growth is to seek, identify and locate companies that are ready for international success. We look for companies that have the right ideas, a solid business plan and have the right team to make those ideas into reality. Companies that are considered for our Barrend Asset Management Growth are ones that are poised to accomplish great things.

The target companies can be in high-tech, information systems, data management, business intelligence, software, safety, security, pharmaceutical, medical, internet applications, digital services and many more.

Using Barrend Asset Management Growth, we can invest in the right kind of company. The investment can take on many forms including angel investing, partnering, acquiring a minority stake, taking a company public or even acquiring a majority position. However, it should be noted that in most cases the equity investment is initially smaller in size. At later stages investments can be increased. Additionally, the deals that we make are focused on growth but at the same time at reducing risks.


Added to our many other services at Barrend Asset Management Growth, we provide specific services and offerings for this specialized field. Our services include expert advice and professional assistance. We also have a team of experts that handles mergers and acquisitions (M&A). We also provide companies with our wide list of business connections and commercial contacts.

At Barrend Asset Management we take pride in our work, our achievements and our many triumphs. Commencing in 2013 the team at Barrend Asset Management has been involved in several complex business projects. Our team members have successfully completed deals within the mergers and acquisitions field. To date our teams have contributed to the success of well over sixty projects that have a total estimated value of some two billion dollars.


Long-term cooperation

When it comes to our talented professionals and to our combined team of experts, we are both fortunate and proud.