Globally, infrastructure projects continue to grow in both numbers and complexities. Spending on infrastructure projects has been steadily expanding over the years. In nearly every corner of the planet, there is more and more demand for infrastructure projects.

Where the infrastructure is already built, there is need for additional expansion and there is a huge need for maintaining the existing infrastructure. Where the infrastructure is partially built, there is need to complete the work and move on to the other major projects still pending. Where the infrastructure is simply not there, there is huge demand and pressure to quickly build, at least the basics.

Everywhere we look we see huge demand for infrastructure. New highways, roads, bridges, tunnels and rail lines are being built all the time. The need for added public transit and public transport continues to grow. Whole new cities are being built. Entirely new ports and airports are springing up all over the world. Global commerce requires new transport routes and transport hubs. Additionally, the population needs and the added pressure of population growth, bring with them a rapidly increasing demand for even more infrastructure projects.

With the above facts in mind we, at Barrend Asset Management, have a division and funds that are focused on infrastructure projects. Since we have a keen interest in infrastructure, we continue to seek out investment opportunities within the infrastructure field. Our aim is not just local but is international. We continue to seek new infrastructure projects. We continue to add partners that are focused on developing and expanding their infrastructure portfolio.

At Barrend Asset Management we see many positives when it comes to investing in the infrastructure field. Infrastructure projects can be very beneficial to the end-users and can improve the quality of life. At the same time such project can be lucrative for the people and the companies that carry them out.

Additionally, we and our infrastructure funds also receive benefits. We achieve healthy returns on investments both in the short term and in the long term. We participate in major projects that have a lasting beneficial effect. The projects that we invest in typically grow in value. And, we bring in profits to our company, to our investment funds and our business partners.


Infrastructure Business Approach

With so many projects around the world to choose from, we at Barrend Asset Management, can pick the ones that are most suitable. We, therefore, carefully look for projects that have a high ratio of completion and success. We also search for projects that have minimal complications and minimal risk attached to them. When choosing projects, we are very careful to pick ones that have a solid financial foundation and that present real financial benefits.

Our teams bring real talent and expertise to the projects that we are involved with. We are also very selective in the projects that we choose to work on.

In seeking such projects, we closely examine the various advantages and opportunities. At the same time, we also examine the associated risks of the projects. By being both careful and selective we can pick projects that deliver enhanced value.


Specialized Deals

At Barrend Asset Management we search and research projects carefully. We keep a look-out for the kind of deals that best suit our objectives. Since our team members have a wide range of international contacts, we can better identify lucrative projects. We bring value to the projects that we choose to be involved with. We carefully research the project parameters and check for ways to improve the outcomes. Projects that we handle have improved potential for both successful completion and higher financial returns.


Detail-Oriented Approach

From the earliest stages, we take a direct and keen interest in the infrastructure projects that we participate in. We have an active and an on-going interest in the entire infrastructure venture. Our style is to be enthusiastically involved and to have a hands-on approach.


Our team is constantly on the look out for opportunities and for improvements. We anticipate problems and work to overcome them well in advance. At Barrend Asset Management, we reach out to our business network and our vast list of contacts both in the private sector and in government. We coordinate with the relevant groups, entities and departments so that the project may advance at an optimal speed.

At Barrend Asset Management, we continuously strive to improve our work. We continue to look for ways to save time, cut costs and improve the overall project. Our hard work and business methods often lead to higher success rates, better quality and improved returns on investment.


International Scope

In choosing successful infrastructure we look at projects that are both near and far. We seek projects that are national and international. The team at Barrend Asset Management is continuously on the lookout for new global infrastructure projects.

Long-term cooperation

When it comes to our talented professionals and to our combined team of experts, we are both fortunate and proud.