Real Estate

The ownership of land and property may, at one time, have been reserved for the nobility or the very wealthy. While clearly that is not the case anymore, it is still interesting to note that real estate transactions and real estate holdings have yielded vast fortunes. It is no wonder that some of the wealthiest people on the planet can point to real estate as one of the foundations for their financial success.

Historically, real estate has continued to rise in value and surge in price. The fact that real estate is finite and limited must surely be a factor behind the increases. With the knowledge of the importance and value of the real estate market, Barrend Asset Management entered this field back in 1999. That year, we commenced our real estate division and proceeded to offer our services. Over the years, we have continued to be busy and active within the real estate sector. Barrend Asset Management is ready to assist you with your real estate objectives. We have on offer various financing possibilities and financing opportunities. We have increased our services, improved our offerings and enhanced the overall performance in this demanding segment.

In 2011, we made even bigger improvements and enhancements. That year we established a big team, larger budget and brought in additional experts. We also enlarged our real estate offerings and made it into a key division within the overall business. This division is highly focused on investments and on investment opportunities in real asset holdings and real estate management. This division is called Barrend Asset Management Real Estate. We also created and continue to improve a platform that is designed to be used within the real estate market.

By surrounding ourselves with real estate professionals, specialists and experts, we have put together a talented team. As with any business, that includes services, our team is vital to how we operate and how well we respond to our client’s wishes and needs. To provide a higher level of service, in the real estate division, our associates have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, market facts, zoning details, upcoming projects and real estate proficiency.

Our service offerings include expert and knowledgeable recommendations and valuable advice concerning the real estate market. This could be for opportunities that are geographically close to you or for real estate gems from around the globe. From detailed information to guidance on how to proceed, we are ready to help you.

All these years later, we can proudly state that we consider the real estate business as a very important and growing market segment. There are many investments opportunities and financing possibilities in this lucrative sector. At Barrend Asset Management, we have the knowledge and the means to pursue a wide variety of real estate projects. This includes our ability to be involved in projects right from their very early phases. Even at the pre-planning stages, where a project may still be in its infancy, we can be of service. As a project moves on to the planning stage, there too we can be helpful. During the construction phase and even when a project is near completion, we have offerings there too. Upon completion and after completion there are various real estate services that we provide. Effectively, we can be of value and assistance at each and every stage of a project.

Put simply, we can bring our team of professionals to assist you. We make available our expertise and our multi-faceted financial services to help with the financing requirements of projects. This applies to real estate projects that can be located virtually anywhere in the world. It equally applies to projects that are both big and small.

The level of funding and financing that have been reserved, or set aside, for real estate is very significant. As mush as 4.5 billion US dollars are either invested or ready to be invested within the real estate market. At that high level of investment, we are an important participant in the financial world of real estate. Our international reach and our global perspective put us in an enviable position to act where others might not be able or willing to do so.

The Real Estate Team at Barrend Asset Management

While we made mention of the fact that we have a talented team, it is important to share some additional points about this subject. At Barrend Asset Management, our team includes some outstanding experts and talented specialist of the real estate world. Beginning in 2017 we enlarged our real estate team to include over fifty experienced asset managers and real estate professionals. Our team was and continues to be very keenly interested in all aspects of the real estate world. We continue to be focused on providing exceptional business offerings, quality services and customized solutions in this field.

Notably, and in line with our global view, we have established offices in seven cities that are spread out in five countries.

To summarize, our experts and professionals are ready to assist you and your organizations with your real estate projects, real estate backing and real estate financing.

Higher Quality Makes a Difference

High quality is usually easy to identify and can be readily appreciated. The situation is similar when it comes to real estate services and financings. Should you or your company be in search of financing solutions or other services within the real estate field, then we invite you to learn more about our offerings. We may be an ideal partner for your real estate endeavours.

Should you be an investor or interested in investing within the real estate market, we also invite you to contact us. We could be the partner that you are looking for.

Vital and important advantages to working with us would include our range of services and our outstanding team. The Barrend Asset Management Real Estate team is a key and critical part of our accomplishments and success. We can be your partner for your investment projects and your financing projects involving real estate transactions.

Our past success is important to us, but our future success is even more so! Therefore, while we have completed a number of real estate projects and real estate transactions, we continue to seek new possibilities and newer projects. Naturally, we are selective in the projects that we work with. We carefully evaluate projects and search for those that can be beneficial, not just at the financial level but in terms of adding value. The information we gather and the insight that we accumulate help us to better identify trends. With our market knowledge and our in-depth data analysis we identify what geographic areas are more active. We examine which locations are undergoing rapid development. We search for new infrastructure projects and analyze how those may impact surrounding real estate. We also carefully seek to locate what real estate projects are more likely to be financially rewarding and increase profits.

The entire real estate team and the other valued team members of the entire organization may propose or suggest projects. We also turn to our partners and our business associates and business networks for guidance. Therefore, contact a member of the Barrend Asset Management Real Estate team to discuss your interests and your requirements.

Long-term cooperation

When it comes to our talented professionals and to our combined team of experts, we are both fortunate and proud.