Health Improvements in Ethiopia

Health and health improvements may not be the first thin that people think of when they hear about Ethiopia. And yet, that is a part of the fabric that makes up today’s Ethiopia.

Perhaps people think that any health improvements may be found in Addis Ababa, the commercial hub and the capital of the country. That may be so, but some distance to the east of the Capital lies a fairly small and indistinct part of this impoverished country.

In a rather primitive setting, a small house serves as a local health service location for the surrounding area. Here, a variety of health problems and injuries are routinely handled. The locals line up and they are served by a competent local nurse. She is not alone as across this vast country there are tens of thousands of other healthcare providers. They have chosen to serve in out-of-the-way places. Their help and their care are desperately needed and greatly appreciated!

Over the last several years, various governmental agencies as well as other organizations have been working to make this project a reality. People, time, effort, money, training, equipment, materials and medicines have been channeled into this vast project.

These efforts, over time. have been very helpful. Local healthcare groups have been able to work with old, young, mothers, fathers, children and even babies. The efforts have assisted tens of thousands of people. It is notable that diseases such as malaria have seen a reduction in number of infected people. Also notable is the reduction of the child mortality rates in Ethiopia. In the past, child mortality was exceptionally high in this very poor country. Today, improvements have been made and much more can be done to reduce child mortality.

Such results did not come about without many people contributing. Included in such valuable assistance are external partners that have brought money, equipment, health professionals and other necessary materials.

Barrend Asset Management is one such partners. Back in 2013 Ethiopia accepted an arrangement that included assistance and loan guarantees worth over twenty million US dollars. The project had specific healthcare targets and had certain clear targets to achieve.

By making sure that projects and funding are aimed at improved services, Ethiopia has set itself up on the right course. Since the targets were clear, problem areas and causes for delay were identified and corrected.

Funding for Ethiopia’s healthcare services is varied. Barrend Asset Management is part of an international effort to assist Ethiopia. Countries such as Britain and other European nations are contributing. Barrend Asset Management is also playing a constructive role.

Together, these various groups and organizations are making a notable difference for Ethiopians. Greater work and greater accomplishments still lie ahead.

Long-term cooperation

When it comes to our talented professionals and to our combined team of experts, we are both fortunate and proud.