Forest Management in Mozambique

The environment is precious and needs to be protected. The very air that we breath is part of a wonderful natural cycle. Humans and animals use up oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Meanwhile, trees and other green living things use carbon dioxide and release oxygen. An incredibly ingenious and efficient design! Forests are a crucial part of this important cycle. Forests and other green spaces can act like giant vacuum cleaners for the air. As such, the protection of forests has continued to be mission-critical for helping the environment.

For far too long, trying to manage woodlands and forests was done by primitive methods and traditions. The technology advancements in other fields were not always making their way into the area of forest management. The time has arrived for us to use the digital tools and technological advancements to help us to better manage our forests. By applying new and enhanced techniques, forests could be better managed. Technology and data analysis allow us to map the forests with accuracy. We can input data about local geography, elevations, rainfall, human activities and so much more.

Barrend Asset Managements is interested in protecting the environment and this includes protecting our forests. To help in this field we have turned to experts in forests, forestry and forest managements. We have teamed up with local groups and organizations that have the knowledge and the desire to do what is right. While thinking globally, it was important to work locally. To do that we looked at various promising projects.

It is no secret that deforestation is a global problem. Unfortunately, Africa has experienced major loss of forests and other woodlands. The situation in Mozambique is quite interesting. Forest-related activities are surprisingly plentiful in Mozambique. They include wood for fuel and wood to be used in construction. There is a whole industry that lives off those forests. In fact, the forestry sector in Mozambique accounts for something like three percent of that country’s GDP.

Not surprisingly, Mozambique experiences an annual reduction of its forests. There are a variety of reasons that drive deforestation. Subsistence farming, for example, has forced people to cut down trees to make way for their farms. The need for cheap, locally found fuel, drives the demand for wood. The construction industry needs vast quantities of wood and lumber. Then there is soil erosion, water pollution, air pollution and chemical leaks that have all taken a toll. On average, in Mozambique, there is close to 150,000 hectares of forest that are lost on a yearly basis! This is quite shocking given how desperately Mozambique needs its green spaces.

To help reduce that detrimental trend, Barrend Asset Management has joined an international group that is assisting Mozambique in its forest management objectives. The project was funded with close to fifty million US dollars. One of the objectives is to reduce deforestation in the short term and be even more aggressive in the longer term. Another objective is to help the local population make better use of the wood that is being used. Additionally, since many jobs are tied to the forests, woodlands and the land, it is important to help people to utilize their natural resources in a more advanced method. Ideally, the locals can make more money while at the same time reducing the destruction of their forest.

The advancements in technology have made it easier to gather and analyze vast amounts of data. Already the project has identified key factors that need to be worked on. New, smart, digital solutions are being implemented across this land. The local population is being assisted to understand the serious impact of deforestation. They are being shown practical ways to reduce waste and to make better use of the trees that are being harvested.

Trees and forests are a natural resource that is of great value--both economically and environmentally. Notably, forests are a renewable resource that when managed properly could be used for generations to come.

More recently additional funds have been secured that are aimed at helping with disaster relief. This new project is drawing on the knowledge and experts from other parts of the world. Barrend Asset Management is very interested in the success of this new phase and its benefits. Funding has been put in place to allow for the expansion of the industry to allow for better use of lumber, fuel, coal and other forestry related products.

Tens of thousands of people in Mozambique now work, be it directly or indirectly, within this sector of the economy. Huge financial benefits are accruing and at the same time the environment is receiving a much-needed boost.

Long-term cooperation

When it comes to our talented professionals and to our combined team of experts, we are both fortunate and proud.