Investing in Education in Mongolia

 Mongolia is a vast country in Asia. It sits between Russia to the north and China to the south. Mongolia is the eighteenth largest country in the world, but it has a population of a little over three million people. Nearly half of the entire population of the country live in its capital city. To say that Mongolia is sparsely populated would be an understatement—a surprising fact given that its southern neighbor, China, is the most populated country on the planet.

Interestingly, Mongolia’s population is exceedingly young. So much so that well over a quarter of the population is under the age of fourteen! It is, therefore, no surprise that providing quality education to so many children is a real challenge.

In the past twenty or so years, a concerted effort has been made, by the government, to provide a decent level of primary and secondary education to the students. Schooling quality and quantity have been increased. The school education cycle was extended to comprise twelve years. This makes their education structure, in terms of length, similar to the developed parts of the planet.  However, in terms of quality, the education system was seriously lacking. The teachers needed further training. There was a perceived lack of motivation on the part of the teaching staff. Additionally, the time spent in teaching is rather low, when compared with other countries.

Undeterred, the government has instituted many programs to tackle the various challenges. More time, effort, expertise, resources and funds have been allocated towards improving the educational standards.

As part of the initiative, the government has welcomed outside assistance and a multimillion-dollar project was commenced. The aim is simple: improve the learning experience and help students reach higher standards. Barrend Asset Management is proud to be a partner in this worthy project.

The project has many parts and goal posts. One of the aims is to improve and intensify monetary spending on key targeted segments. Funds can be allocated towards specific projects and many fine results have been accomplished.

It is notable that close to six hundred and fifty educations programs and educational missions were funded. Qualifying schools and education programs typically receive funding in an expedited fashion. One example that is notable is one that involves the creation of local school music clubs and forming school bands. Music can touch us in a unique way. By combining love of music to worthwhile education, students can learn better while better enjoying their school experience. The funding has helped buy musical instruments and helped hire musically talented teachers.

From school improvements to school furniture, the additional funds make a difference. New school equipment and new computers have been purchased. In science labs, in chemistry classes, in physics departments, there is a constant need for newer apparatus and better testing equipment. The school funds are being put to good use.

Undoubtedly, investing in the children and in their education is a worthwhile course. At Barrend Asset Management we support such educational initiatives. Already some positive impacts can be seen and felt. Many more positive changes are likely to continue for many years to come.


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