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Transportation in Tanzania

Traffic Management Leads to Reduction of Road Delays

In a society that is constantly on the move, travelling by road is an important and vital component of the transportation system. Different countries and even different cities within the same countries can have vastly diverse levels of road traffic. The situation in Tanzania is considerable worse that other countries. Road conditions in that impoverished African country is regrettably far below the average.

By way of clarification, Tanzania is a vast country that is situated in the eastern part of Africa. It lies just south of the equator. It is a country that has the Indian ocean immediately to the east.

In the business hub, Dar es Salaam, road traffic is notoriously slow. Vehicle congestion, poor road conditions and the massive number of people that are on the move have made travelling by road a lengthy and arduous task. It is not unheard of for local travelers to spend several hours just to cover a distance of only a few kilometers.

Traffic congestion has had many negative impacts on the people, on the economy, on productivity and on the environment. The long delays, the waiting, the time wasted and the amount of lost revenue due too the severe traffic congestion is staggering.

Public transit is woefully inadequate. As such, the people have come to rely on thousands of privately-owned minivans and small buses for their transportation needs. While these vans and buses are helpful, they are largely unregulated by the local government. Their presence on the roads, along with their frequent stops, increase the congestion problems. The situation was simply getting from bad to worse. As such, in 2016 these privately-operated vans and buses started to be reduced. The aim was to rid the city of these transportation vans as a new bus system was being implemented by the government.

The segment of the centralized bus transportation system needed funding. The project is so vast it required significant financing and capital investments. Barrend Asset Management, along with other partners, helped with the initial financing. Already the new bus system has made a significant and notable improvement. Transit times have been noticeably reduced. Commuting between the various parts of the city has become more reliable, affordable and quicker.

Since the first part of the project proved to be a success, additional lines and transportation corridors were being planned. With a population of nearly four and a half million people, the transportation needs of this bustling city are enormous.

New buses continue to be added to the transit system. Dedicated bus lanes have been added and there are many other improvements that have been achieved. Greater projects are under construction with the aim of transforming the city’s transit system by 2029 or soon thereafter.

For the average citizen the improvements have had an appreciable impact. Time wastage due to heavy road traffic has been reduced. Business volumes are also higher since consumers can now get to their shopping destinations quicker. Notably the environmental impacts have also been improved--especially since the unregulated minivans, that spewed unfiltered exhaust fumes, have been removed. At Barrend Asset Management, we are pleased to note these valuable improvements.

The future is a little brighter in Tanzania. Getting from one part of the city to another is also significantly quicker now that the road congestion has been reduced.