Barrend Asset Management (hereinafter – “the Company”) adheres to strict confidentiality terms. The Principles of User Data Protection clarify which data categories are processed for the provision of online and mobile financial services in the Company’s mobile applications. They also apply for maintaining the Company’s official website (hereinafter – “the services”) for visitors of the said resources (hereinafter – “users”).

The Company maintains confidentiality of personal data and processes them in a proper and lawful way. The purpose of the Principles of User Data Protection is to clearly demonstrate transparency of data processing to all service users. In order to offer the services convenient to you, the Company processes the following data categories when the website is visited:

  1. Accounting data (date and exact time) for controlling the rights of access to the website and the website-based services;
  2. Information about operations, finance and payments to enable registration and confirmation of services provided via the Internet;
  3. Browser data and information on the user’s operational system to check compatibility of services and the user’s personal devices in order to ensure efficient use of the services;
  4. The Internet protocol address which is saved by the controller according to applicable regulatory acts and used to minimize security risks;
  5. A unique user device identifier is used automatically to ensure security and reliability of the services provided (remote servicing).

The said data are needed to meet the technical and operational requirements and to comply with European regulatory acts and the Company’s legitimate interests.

The Company has a right to amend any document related to data protection in the course of process changing. Users are obliged to check the recent version of the Principles of User Data Protection to familiarize themselves with the latest version of the document.

In order to enable the operation and improve functionality of the Service, IP address and cookies are used.

The Company takes all necessary measures in order to protect security of the Service and all operations associated with the Service. Thus, all user data are transferred properly with the use of up-to-date encryption methods.