As companies grow, they tend to have their own set of goals and obligations. They also have their own set of needs in order to achieve their objectives. It is understood that the various stages that a company goes through will have their own challenges. At Barrend Asset Management, we have the knowledge and the skills to help and assist companies to achieve their financing needs. This part of Barrend Asset Management is called Barrend Ventures.

One of the main objectives that Barrend Ventures is concerned with is aiding, helping and assisting companies to secure financing. It is vitally important that the financing that is chosen is the correct type and that it fits the specific needs of the company. The precise kind of financing can be essential to a company, to that company’s survival and to that company’s success.

At Barrend Ventures we consider ourselves to be fortunate in that we have a team of sophisticated, experienced and talented specialists. The team members bring various knowledge, skills and capabilities. Our team members have years of experience and bring valuable corporate skills. The team members have assisted numerous companies with their business ventures and their financing requirements. By way of example, we can assist new start-up companies to establish themselves and become stronger and more successful. Our services include helping private companies go public. We can also assist companies that are public to trade on additional stock exchanges and list their shares on more trading platforms.

By way of added clarification, we can help, aid and assist companies in a wide range of business fields, market segments and geographic locations. Our team can make a difference.

Given our knowledge and our experience, we work with companies that are able to maximize their growth. We then work with those companies to help them correctly identify the type of investment that best suits their own set of needs.

Barrend Ventures Highlights

Barrend Ventures was established back in the late 1990’s. It started with tens of millions of dollars in financing and with millions more in the venture capital part of the business.

Over these many years, Barrend Ventures has invested in well over 300 different companies and ventures. While many of the companies that we invest in are private, some have chosen to go public. As such at Barrend Ventures we are proud to say that we have assisted 106 companies to go public. Our success in this field is due to many strengths and good advance preparation. At Barrend Ventures, we continue to be very fortunate to work with highly talented business professionals, entrepreneurs and visionaries.

It should be noted that Barrend Ventures is a top investment partner. Our work has different aspects and we help companies at various stages of their growth. It is important to state that we have access to some $7 billion of funds and capital. Of those investment funds, about $1.5 billion are aimed directly at funding companies that are at a later-stage of their development.

Company Selection

Since our team includes knowledgeable and skilled experts, we can assist companies on a number of different business fronts. In dealing with various companies over the years, we have gained a deeper understanding of what makes companies more productive and more successful. This experience allows us to be more careful when choosing which companies we decide to collaborate with.

It is notable that the Barrend Ventures team has assisted and worked with organizations, companies and corporations that are very diverse and that service hugely divergent business sectors. By way of example, the companies that we cooperate with may be involved in engineering, in high-tech, in data management, in research, in biomedicine, in pharmaceuticals, in defense, in aerospace, in products, in services or in other diverse fields.

Whatever their business field, our experts stand ready to help and to assist. The team at Barrend Ventures is ready to provide the needed assistance to help our partner companies to advance, improve, reach new heights and succeed.

We know that to successfully help companies to grown can be a truly challenging task. We also know that it takes significant time and effort for companies to grow and to financially thrive. At Barrend Ventures, we listen carefully to the needs of our venture capital companies. We then adjust our aid and our support to help them achieve their goals effectively and efficiently.

Out experience in raising capital has taught us that it takes dedication, experience and a tremendous amount of determined hard work. We, therefore, do whatever is necessary in order to help those selected companies to achieve optimal results.

Experienced Team

Over the years, our team members have worked with a significant number of companies. The Barrend Ventures team is smart, talented, gifted and experienced. With the passage of time we have worked with entrepreneurs and business executives from various industries and markets.

At Barrend Ventures, we have collaborated with companies at various stages of their development and growth. We have helped and assisted many client companies to raise capital and to secure financing. With our vast experience, we now have a network of investors and investment partners that we can reach.

Our professionals have worked with many companies and in many business sectors. Our team members are proud of the success that we have achieved. By working closely with our clients, we help them to improve their business structure, to refine their team, to sharpen their skills and to accelerate their success.

The financing and the raising of capital can then fit, quite nicely, with the many other important aspects of the assistance that we provide. We help to propel our targeted investment companies to new levels of success, and we help them to get there resourcefully, professionally and speedily.

Fueled Rapid Growth

The companies that we have selected have been carefully chosen and vetted. They want to grow rapidly, and we help to fuel that rapid growth. Our team, at Barrend Ventures, has the education, the knowledge, the experience and the talent to help our targeted investment companies to succeed and truly grow. By laying the right growth foundations, companies can be helped to grow and can do so rapidly and competently. With the combined talents and skills of our experienced team, companies can be propelled into a well-fueled and rapid ascent. Companies that are cooperating with Barrend Ventures, can be helped and guided into new heights of business, sales and financial success.