Ventures for Founders

We know that it really takes exceptional talent, hard-work, dedication and serious effort for company founders to get their companies established. We also know that company founders have a vision and a business drive to succeed. Often thought, a business founder needs added capital and needs additional financing in order to achieve their stated goals and reach the next level of business growth.

Part of our mission involves our searching for and identifying new companies that have a lot of potential and that show real promise for the future. There are start-ups and there are established companies. We can work with companies at various stages of their growth cycles. Once we have identified a good company as a candidate, we work closely with the company founders to better understand their needs. At Barrend Asset Management, we collaborate and assist companies. We help companies to overcome challenges and to attain their goals.


The Barrend Asset ManagementVentures Team

At the heart of any successful business is an outstanding team. At Barrend Asset Management, our team is one of our most prized assets. The team members work collaboratively and together achieve amazing results. By partnering with Barrend Asset Management, you will have access to our incredible team of experts and seasoned professionals.


Investment Guidelines for Ventures

With millions of potential business ventures, we really must select new ventures carefully and wisely. To better understand what we are seeking we have set out an outline of the type of companies that we are looking for. The following will help to clarify the various criteria that we are interested in:


A Clear Business Vision

We know that companies that succeed have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and how they intend to get there. That is why, in our search for new ventures to invest in, we look for companies with a solid business concept and a clear business plan that will guide them to their target.


An Outstanding Team

Just like we place a high value on our own team, we look for companies that also have an outstanding team. The founders, the key executives and senior managers can make a huge difference in the success of a company. The team at a potential company needs to demonstrate their knowledge, their skills, their drive and their determination.


Growth Stage and growth potential

In seeking companies to invest in, Barrend Asset Managementwill look for companies that are at a younger stage of their growth cycle. Ideally, we prefer to identify companies that are seeking an initial investor and / or are looking for early financing. We consider that companies at an early stage have higher potential for returns on investments. Also, such companies will need additional funding at a later stage. We can, therefore, assist them now and help them with their future rounds of financings.


Clear Path to Success

At Barrend Asset Management, we look for companies that know what they are doing. We seek companies that have a clear path to success. A company needs to demonstrate that they have a well-planned approach. They need to show that they have a real solution. They need to prove that their solution has a sizeable market and a real customer demand. They also need to spell out how they intend to reach their business and financial targets.


Market Segments

We look at and consider companies from various markets and business segments. Our team, atBarrend Asset Management, is open-minded and can examine companies with diverse areas of specializations and from many regions of the world. Some examples of the companies that we have worked with is available to review. A common factor for companies that we fund is their potential size of their market. Obviously, we look for companies that have huge market potential and massive sales potential.


Application Procedures

As busy professionals, we value our time and we also value your time. Therefore, we have made the application procedures simple, straightforward and expedient. The initial application procedures can be completed in as little as 7 hours!


Applications may be accepted directly from our website or via email. However, it is usually far more effective when an applicant is introduced to us by a Barrend Asset Management client, another member of our Founders Club or a business contact.


Review Process

The review process has several stages. The stages are set out below and each stage is briefly explained.


  • Primary Review

The primary stage is carried out directly by one of our experienced venture professionals. Normally, an appointment is set up for you and our representative to communicate and exchange valuable and relevant information. Through discussions and by asking questions our representative will gather information about your company, your business objectives, your financial needs and other necessary details. Once the information is gathered, our experienced representative can give you a clear indication about how well your business meets our requirements. If your company meets the standards of a Barrend Asset Management ventures fund or financial portfolio then we can proceed to the next step.


  • Secondary Review

After successfully completing the primary stage, applicants move on to the secondary review. This review is one that is carried out by members of the Barrend Asset Management review team. Our team is divided into different committees, each with its own objectives. Some committees are set up to conduct reviews and analysis of companies and applications. One of our committees will undertake a full and detailed review of your company. They will then determine if there is a good business fit.  This process is usually quick but, in some cases, it may take up to one week to complete. Once this secondary review is successfully completed, we will communicate with you directly to let you know the outcome.


  • Business Summary

A team from Barrend Asset Management will collaborate with you and your company to create a business summary. This business summary will identify your company, your offerings, your objectives, your market potential and other vital details about your company. We will also include a summary about the founders and about the key executives at the company. Additionally, we will be providing an executive summary about the financial prospects of the company as well as the expected return on investment. All of these details will be forwarded to senior executives at Barrend Asset Management.


  • Review by Venture Executives

A team of senior venture executives and portfolio managers will carefully study the information that has been prepared about your company. These executives from Barrend Asset Management will be carrying out a very careful examination. They will then determine whether or not your business venture is one that we want to promote and fund.


  • Selection Confirmation

For companies and ventures that have made it this far in our selection process, well done! After all, less than 2% of the number of companies that apply for funding actually make it to this stage. At Barrend Asset Management, we warmly applaud you and your company. Clearly you have something noteworthy and special.


  • Raising Capital

Now that your business venture has been approved for funding, the team at Barrend Asset Management goes into overdrive. We will list your company on our list of business ventures that are seeking investments. We will connect your company and your requirements with a select number of private investors that we do business with. We will link you with venture funds that we collaborate with. We will also promote your company to a number of investment fund managers that are most likely to invest in your specific business sector.


Investments can also be made by one of the Barrend Asset Management investment funds. Those funds can provide direct investments in your company. Using these funds allows several investors to participate in your venture collectively. This means that while there are several individual investors they invest as one unified investment team.


Whether the investment is from a Barrend Asset Management fund or from one or more of our venture investment partners your company accrues extra benefits. How so? AtBarrend Asset Management, you have our own team and expertise to support you and assist you. You also have access to our network of partners, business associates and investors. All of these contacts and resources can be leveraged to improve your company and your business opportunities for success.


Founders Club

As a company that we, at Barrend Asset Management, have chosen to partner with, you are now part of a special and unique support network. You and your company are welcome to access our knowledge, our expertise, our experience, our know-how, our contacts, our business acumen and our success. The team at Barrend Asset Management stands ready to assist you and your company.


As a member of our Founders Club, we are ready to work with you on your current and your future needs and requirements. Whether you are seeking to purchase new equipment, grow your team, expand into new markets, consolidate debts or increase your profits we are here for you. Going forward if you decide to seek additional funds, raise capital or seek additional investments you can be sure that we will be standing at the ready. Should you wish to seek an initial public offering (IPO), you can rest assured that the team at Barrend Asset Management can help you with that too. So once more, welcome to the Barrend Asset Management Founders Club!