Ventures for investors

We have a truly advanced, yet easy to use, investment platform. The Barrend Asset Managementplatform makes it so simple to view your investments, to see the financial performance and to keep an eye on your trades and your profits.

The partners of Barrend Ventures can depend on our help and support. We provide company founders and new start-ups with real and tangible assistance to help them to achieve their targets and their goals. We do that by being hands-on and by being pro-active. We go beyond helping with capital and financing issues. We are there to help and assist company founders to build on their strengths while also helping them to overcome any areas of concern.

How do we, at Barrend Asset Management, help business founders and early stage companies?

  • We provide years of business experience and business knowledge
  • We listen carefully and help identify strengths and weaknesses
  • We can be as hand-on as our partners wish us to be
  • We help companies to make better decisions
  • We provide optimization and automation of tasks
  • We help to bring in new talent and strategically grow the management team
  • We help by supporting the right growth strategies
  • We help to bring in more customers, clients and consumers
  • We help to better communicate the company mission and the objectives
  • We help by providing timely and actionable advice
  • We assist by using smart business intelligence solutions
  • We help to make the companies more successful
  • We help to boost the companies to new heights and greater achievements
  • We help by strengthening the financial positions of the companies;
  • We help by bringing in new rounds of financing
  • We help by aiding the companies to maximize return on investments
  • We help companies to achieve higher profits and better success


Investors and Investments

At Barrend Asset Management, we have a talented and experienced team that is specialized in investments. We also have a vast network of investors that have the financial means to invest. Typical investors may be able to invest anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 for a first round of financing. Many investors are ready to invest larger amounts, either initially or at later financing stages.


For Investors 

Investors that are interested in being added to our investor lists are welcome. We have a number of investment options to fit a variety of interests and areas of specialization. Interested investors are invited to add their names by following these simple steps:

Provide your full name and email contact information. You can also sign up by using your on-line social networking sites. Once you have signed up, we will need to do some follow-up on our side that may include verification of investor status. The process in not complicated but there would need to be an exchange of information.

Once signed up, investors can access our Barrend Ventures system and can have direct contact with our team of investment advisors.


Our Due Diligence Process

All companies that are seeking investments, through us, must undergo a proper research and information gathering process. At Barrend Ventures, we take extra care with our company screening process. It should be noted that only a small percentage of companies seeking investments are ultimately approved by our investment team.


Once a company is selected, we then carry out a more detailed and thorough due diligence process. The investment team at Barrend Ventures will undertake the necessary work and coordinate with company registrars, accountants, legal departments and any other relevant entities and authorities.


Venture Investment Options

When it comes to investing and investment options, we give investors many options. As noted earlier, we carefully vet companies that wish to be funded. As such, investors may choose to invest in one particular company from our list of approved companies. Investors decide at what level they wish to invest into that one company. The investment process can, obviously, be repeated for more and more companies.

Alternatively, investors may wish to invest in one of our targeted investments funds. Those funds are set up to pool multiple financial resources and typically are set up with specific target markets in mind. They fund multiple companies that are operating in a given and defined business sector. The businesses may be operating in high-tech, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, automation, services industry, construction and many more. For investors, this particular investment method would spread both their risks and their returns on investments.


Company Selection Process

Investors can be sure that companies that are on our list have been carefully screened and have met our stringent acceptance process. Still, investors will have to select, for themselves, which company or companies to invest in. Therefore, at Barrend Ventures we maintain detailed information on each of the companies that is on our list. Investors are encouraged to look at those details carefully and to select wisely. Investors typically will look at the company, the founders, the management team and their success ratio. Investors also typically look at the business plan and how likely is it for this company and its management team to execute on their business plan. Investors may also consider the market space that the company is targeting and what that business and what that market holds in terms of potential and challenges.

In the end, each investor has their own preferences and will make their own decisions. What may be viewed as highly desirable by one investor may be rejected by another.


Investment Methods

Investors may have preferences when it comes to how specifically they want to invest their funds. They may wish to invest personally and directly or may wish to use one of their companies or investment funds. There are multiple options and we provide the tools and an amazing platform for investors to use. The Barrend Ventures platform gives investors access to detailed information and trading options.  Investors may make payments in a number of well-established ways, including on-line. At Barrend Ventures, we have made investing simple, smooth, easy to use, fast and responsive.


Investment Dashboard

Investors want to know how well their investments are doing. The Barrend Ventures platform is an easy to use system that shows you your investments and how they are doing. Our platform, and the system behind it, is smart, intelligent, fast and accurate. Investors can access their dashboard and track each and every investment right from the Barrend Ventures platform. The system is accessible on-line and as such may be accessed at any time and from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. We have made it easy for investors to stay up to date and be well-informed on the status of their investments and how each of their target companies is performing.


Additional Information

At Barrend Ventures, we maintain a professional level of information sharing with our investors. As such, we provide investors with timely information, releases, news, updates and other related facts and figures. Investors may wish to ask questions or wish to share appropriate information. Our team is ready and willing to help.

Long-term cooperation

When it comes to our talented professionals and to our combined team of experts, we are both fortunate and proud.